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PhidgetModules - 1.0.2

By Eli White

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Phidgets are a set of "plug and play" building blocks for low cost USB sensing and control from your PC. You can learn more about Phidgets at:

Most Phidgets devices plug into an I/O board, which then connects to the PC via a single USB cable. Others use a direct USB connection.

The currently supported I/O board is the:

1018_2 PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8:

Currently, only one interface kit may be used at a time. When using an I/O board, you must specify which port a sensor is connected to.


Phidgets: IR Receive

Triggers when a specified IR code is received. The code is specified by shining the desired code at the Phidgets module.

1055_0 - PhidgetIR

Phidgets: Temperature

Triggers when the specified temperature is reached from the specified direction.

1045_0 - PhidgetTemperatureSensor IR

Phidgets: Digital Input

Triggers when the specified digital input changes to the specified state. Phidgets digital inputs are designed to have a physical switch connected from the input to ground. ”Pressed” indicates that an input is connected to ground. “Released” indicates that the input is either disconnected, or driven high (e.g. 5V). The inputs have 15kohm resistive pull-ups to 5V. Raw value indicates the current state of the input.

1018_2 PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8:

The following events use sensors that are connected to the PC via the I/O board. In each case, the input must be specified. The raw value indicates the current reading.

Phidgets: Force Sensor

Triggers when the force goes above or below a specified value.

1106_0 - Force Sensor

Phidgets: IR Distance

Triggers when the sensor detects an object entering the specified range.

1101_0 - IR Distance Adapter
3522_0 - Sharp Distance Sensor 2Y0A02 (20-150cm)

Phidgets: Light Sensor

Triggers when the light level crosses a specified level in a specified direction (going above, or going below the threshold).

1127_0 - Precision Light Sensor

Phidgets: Proximity Sensor

Triggers when an object comes within or goes outside of the 0-10cm range of the IR reflective sensor.

1103_1 - IR Reflective Sensor 10cm

Phidgets: Sound Sensor

Triggers when the ambient noise level goes above or below a specified level.

1133_0 - Sound Sensor

Phidgets: Touch Sensor

Triggers when touched or released.

1129_0 - Touch Sensor


Phidgets: Adv. Servo

Moves a servo motor to a specified position. Note: Driving multiple servos is not currently supported.

1066_0 - PhidgetAdvancedServo 1-Motor used with an appropriate servo motor (450mA – see the Phidgets site for details)

Phidgets: Digital Output

Set a specified digital output to high, low, or to toggle (flip the current state).

1018_2 PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8:

Phidgets: IR Transmit

Send the specified IR code. The IR code is learned by shining the desired code at the Phidgets module.

1055_0 - PhidgetIR

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PhidgetModules 1.0.2 2,604 13 May 2012
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PhidgetModules 1.0.0 33 3 May 2012