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DefaultModules - 1.0.2

By Eli White, Jay Meistrich, Will Beebe, Sven Kratz, Gabriel Reyes

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These are the default modules for Mayhem. These basic events and reactions work without additional hardware or software.
Feed Alert – Triggers when a new item appears on a specified RSS feed.
Folder Change – Triggers when the filenames or number of files in the specified folder is changed. This includes an option to check subfolders.
Keypress – Triggers when the specified key or key combination is pressed. This works transparently in the background, independent of which application is in the foreground.
Timer - Triggers repeatedly at the specified interval.
Speech Recognition - Triggers when the specified phrase is heard. Speech recognition can be made more robust by using longer phrases, and having multiple speech recognition events with different phrases.
Stock Alert – Uses 2 minute delayed, stock trading data to trigger an event. Prices are checked every 2 minutes. You may trigger on the stock price (“Last Trade”) or on the change in stock price since the last check (“Change”). For “Last Trade”, “Above” and “Below” determine if the trigger happens when the price crosses above or crosses below the specified level. For “Change”, “Above” indicates to trigger on a positive stock price change, and “Below” indicates to trigger on a negative stock price change of the specifri3ed amount or greater. You can select to trigger on every event, or to only trigger the first time the specified event happens.
System Tray Menu - This allows a user to manually trigger an event from a Mayhem icon in the System Tray. Multiple System Tray Menu events can be running simultaneously, and the user can select among them from a list via the single Mayhem icon.
Weather Alert – Triggers when the specified temperature goes above or below the specified value in the location. Location can be specified by Zip Codes (for US cities), or by name.

Lock Workstation – Puts the computer into the Windows lock state
Media controls – Sends the Media Next Item, Play/Pause or Previous Item command to all open Windows on your computer. This works with Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, or any other player which takes standard input.
Open Website – Opens your default browser to the specified URL.
Play Sound – Plays a sound file (wav, wma, and mp3 format are supported.)
Run Program – Equivalent to the Run command. Can be used to launch files or programs.
Screenshot – Takes a picture of the entire desktop and saves it to the specified folder in jpg format. Pictures will be named with the time and date the picture was taken.
Text to Speech – Speaks the specified text using a synthesized voice.
Volume: Mute – Mutes and Unmutes the audio on your PC.

version history

Name Downloads Last updated
DefaultModules 1.0.2 2,763 28 Jun 2012
DefaultModules 1.0.1 626 11 May 2012
DefaultModules 1.0.0 1,273 27 Feb 2012